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Digital – is the opposite of forever

I’m on a shoot, and during the day I run into some different cameramen also covering the event. We get to talking. One of them is a cameraman who has been working with Rueters for over a dozen years. We briefly discuss the cameras we are using, and then I ask him about archiving. It […]

Sunny 16 – THE RULE

Went to a “” meeting last night – You know – “Hello my name is Steven and I use Final Cut Pro.” So last night at the “Mopictive” meetingĀ  there was a cinematographer named Timur (who is only 30 – I feel so old) – who explained his generation is probably the last that will […]

The business – Why you got to be that way?

I’ve moved my blog to Reelgrok, so this post originally appeared on “” I’m just convinced that I’m on the low end of the business. I mean the business is huge. Ranging from someone shooting M.O.S. – Translated that is Man on Street for those of us who came up through film, and not video […]

IndieKicker – Style

Welcome to IndieKicker – now at a new home at Reelgrok. The only real rule here, is no attacks. Disagree all you want, but insults just fail here. So welcome aboard and enjoy to discussion. Hope to hear from you.    

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