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A Racket of Festivals – the system to game

Fresh out of college I sent my film off to a bunch of festivals. Did not win. Did not get in.  Did not get notified that I didn’t get in. This was in the days of film prints, which cost a hundred bucks a pop  for a ten minute film (the answer print cost me […]

Evolution = Life or Death?????????

I’ve been doing a bunch of corporate stuff – for Sterling Worldwide Entertainment, for other companies some  event coverage – for example I just shot the Pole Dancing Federation championships (it is a hell of a lot different than you might expect.)  and doc shooting of late – With Gayle Kirschenbaum –  also Karen […]

Quicker, Faster, Better? Or Lesser?

I was at a birthday party the other day, and got to talking about art, and media with Sarah Walker. We talked about the current state of the economy and the effect on individual shows, and also about Marshall McLuhan (one of my favorites.) Media, Media, Media. Over the course of the afternoon and amid […]

Insipid – Or why the small stuff sucks

The following story is real, the names have been omitted to protect the innocent from the stupid. So I did a friend of mine a favor. Which is fine, she’s a good friend, and very considerate. Transferring a few minutes of video to a DVD. No charge, after all she’s a friend. It was a […]

For whom the Toll Bells – Actors

Way back when I was a young guy, I thought an actor was much like a pose-able self propelled mannequin. To get them to act, you just yelled at them until they did what you wanted. Suffice to say, this is not how I view actors these days. An actor is vital to the film, […]

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