Archive | June, 2011

Trooperism – a fatal disease.

I’ll start of by mentioning that I love it when I get a little note in the envelope with my paycheck. “Thanks Steve” is always so gratifying.   Trooper – it is a foul horrible four letter word. I would appreciate it if I was never called that again. Just recently while buying nuts at […]

It is better to miss by a mile than an inch.

    Please note: I have recently been contacted by Wayne at Manfrotto to discuss the tripod head of the post below. As far as Tripods go, there is the Vitec Group. The Vitec group owns lots of companies, among them the big names in Tripods. O’Connor, Sachtler, and Manfrotto (Bogen). I’d love to have […]

The Kiss of Vindication – My first time.

I worked on a long, but very satisfying shoot over the weekend. Working with 55 productions, shooting an auto-race. Long Lens, follow cars, love the heat rippling off the track. Beautiful, first time shooting an auto-race for me, now I want to shoot more. It went really well, great producer, great crew, great client, sweet […]

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