Archive | April, 2013

Look, your film sucks, so now what are you going to do about it.

Artist, craftsman, dad, whatever. You better learn to take criticism. It’s part of the job, comes with the territory, and if you can’t stand it, you just aren’t going to grow and improve. Take criticism, maybe hear and listen to criticism is a better phrase. Oh those frail and fragile egos, let’s instead just bellow […]

I've never seen one standing

So you probably know the first part of that joke, and I don’t need to repeat it. To be truthful, I’m guilty of it, it is just so prevalent in the business. Indoctrinated into you from a young age. Everyone picks on the sound recordist. I once said to a recordists I know (Antonio Arroyo […]

Shoot or Die

I have been a dreamer most of my life. The adventures I’ve dreamed, the drama, the battles fought between good and evil, fueled by books, comic books and movies, all at the expense of my homework. Remember Star Wars, I was eleven in 1977, life was simpler then. My sisters and I went to see […]

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