A bottle of wine and a lonely hotel room

It’s not as bad as it sounds.

I’m away on a shoot, only a couple of hours away from home. There was a time I would just have driven up and back each day for the three days. This is so much better, granted it costs me money, but it allows me to have a full nights rest, and privacy. The director offered to let me stay in his house – insert sound effect here of the director’s wife yelling in the background – NO NO, he can’t stay here. Perfectly reasonable, and the couch is kind of comfortable, but the sound recordist is staying there. So not too comfortable. So I’m in a Super 8 motel, and I picked up a bottle of wine from where we were shooting the first day, perhaps one day my wife and I can share some, a lovely Tokai Friulano from Millbrook Vinyards.

I’m married so it is a discussion of course, and actually it was my wife’s idea that I stay in a motel, which is a problem for her as she is left taking care of the kids by herself for three days. Marriage is difficult, it helps to be married to an amazing person. The shoot goes well, Ups and downs of course, but it goes well. I even think of a killer shot, not entirely original, but a Harley on a curvy uphill road, just screams for the camera on the ground as the Harley drives by. Take one, and the Harley comes no where near where we need it. The driver is confident, and I am straddling the camera – yes I know, violating my rules – the camera is rented, and I don’t want to have to deal with the ensuing headaches if it is damaged (Yes I have ALLLLLLLL the insurance I need – thanks Fractured Atlas), but I want to make sure the bike rider knows exactly where the camera is so he can get close to the camera and not hit it – yes stupid on my part – the sound man Joe stands bravely behind me. So first pass is really a bust, and we try again. Three cameras rolling trying to get shots for the opening montage. Slate the shot, then run and place the camera – crazzyness of course. Second pass, and better much better, but not close enough. So we go for a third take. You’ll have to watch it on the REEL (It’s the first shot in the opening montage) of course, but lets just say I got very nervous, and almost needed some new clothes.

Anyway, onto fun. Back now, and the kids are in schedule, all working out, but I can’t get writing worth a damn. Sprained a finger last week, and only now can I actually begin to type with it – it’s hard to type when you’ve got two fingers taped together.
Taking care of maintenance on the buildings, just put in trash pails, and built a staircase to go from the patio to the yard. Got to deal with a leaking roof, well actually it isn’t the roof, it’s the gutter backing up. Fine if the rain is slow, but if it picks up, then a little leak. Annoying, as we’ve done the roof, and fixed it again. So just a fix on the gutter – strange as it was no problem during the hurricane.

Back to the film biz – working on the new reel, and trying to figure out how to cut the footage from the Pole dancing competition I shot into the reel. Researching a business plan for the screenplay Resurrection of Blake House. Which brings me to the festival circuit. Pretty much we’ve run through the festival circuit. Did not make Shriekfest, which was disappointing, also the staggered announcing is pretty rough to go through. Think about it, if you don’t get the e-mail that you are in within the first day or so of announcing, and you’re told not to give up hope because all the results aren’t in yet, well really what chance do you have? Still nice to get in I suppose, sadly I didn’t. I was hoping that New Orleans would announce early, but they didn’t. When they did, Hellion didn’t get in, but Resurrection of Blake House did. Still I appreciated that they announce when they promised, and didn’t stagger it. Unfortunately I can’t get down to New Orleans for the fest, and neither can the co-writer Joe Randazzo, but if we win, I think Char Hardin will accept for us. Hellion got into The Downbeach Film Festival, sadly I couldn’t make it to the festival, I’m still trying to find out who won what. So next up that I can go to is Terror Film Fest in Philly – same weekend as New Orleans. I’ve got the promo cards for Terror Film Fest ready, I ordered them far in advance. Heading up that way, booked the hotel room, staying Friday night – although if it is good weather then there is a Halloween party in the park for my daughters kindergarten class and I don’t want to miss this. We’ve ordered a head cleaver prop for my wife to wear. I’m thinking that if it is good weather, I may just come back Saturday morning stay for the first two hours of the park trip and bogie back to Philly. I don’t like missing things in my kids life. I swore that I would not let the business get in the way of the more important things. It’s tough this business and a family. I’m hoping for rain for that weekend, then at least the picnic will be canceled, if not – well I’m back to where I started this blog post- do a lot of driving or book a lonely hotel room.

Thanks for reading

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