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Shoot or Die

I have been a dreamer most of my life. The adventures I’ve dreamed, the drama, the battles fought between good and evil, fueled by books, comic books and movies, all at the expense of my homework. Remember Star Wars, I was eleven in 1977, life was simpler then. My sisters and I went to see […]

HORROR – Why dOeS IT sCarE us SO???????????

What the Hell is horror anyway? Vampire, Zombie, Slasher, Gore Fest, Suspense? This question kind of came up in an Podcast of me and my co-writer Joe Randazzo – when Char Hardin interviewed of us about our Screenplay “Resurrection of Blake House” What is Horror: Hitchcock’s “Psycho” – is it Horror? “Andy Warhol’s Dracula”? “The […]

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