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Drama – Anti-Drama

Action is the dissolution of drama/tension – and if you don’t believe me look at a baseball game. A long fly ball that takes a while to get out of the park, that is dramatic, boring, but since there is time for the home-run to happen and have people unsure if it will get out […]

Education – No really it is a noble profession

Hi, been away, and haven’t posted for a while, and I apologize. It has been a rough year. So just recently I attended the Long Island International Film Expo. Where my short film Hellion was screening. After the screening standing around and communing with the other filmmakers one of them was eye-ing me. It turns […]

Modern Apocalypse – The Revolution is Post

So here is the thing, about the modern media world. None of it would have changed, if not for Post. Think about it. The first wave of the “Prosumer” mini DV cameras didn’t show up until well after post production became readily available to any one with a computer and a capture card. In ’96/’97 […]

Education – it's a life long process – Don't make the same mistake over and over and over.

Some few things I’ve done, projects I’ve shot, worked on, or been interviewed about since the last blog post: Artist Study – Will Kurtz directed by Vincent Zambrano. A little greenscreen work – Ask Ed The Head Meeting/Education – NYC-Screenwriters_Collective I’m interviewed – Char Hardin Podcast Linked to a blog post – The Digital Debate […]

To tax or not to tax –

Been away for a bit, busy busy busy, busy is good, could be busier. So I get a phone message from a client, something like this – “Hey, I’ve loaded in the footage from the shoot that I downloaded onto my computer, but there’s something wrong. When I import it, I get the footage from […]

And then there was Halloween

Sunday after Terror Film Fest, I wait to hear from Char Hardin – my person in New Orleans to let me know what is happening. She’s local to Baton Rouge, and a podcaster who is covering the festival. I’m hopeful, but realistic, it’s a crap shoot. Last night at Terror Fest Blake House won second […]

Take a little time to breathe.

There is an old phrase that it is often good to remember – “Relax, it’s only a movie.” It’s a useful phrase to keep handy, because sometimes during production you can get a little lost, start rushing around and start making mistakes. Mistakes happen, but when you start rushing, and getting caught up in the […]

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