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I've never seen one standing

So you probably know the first part of that joke, and I don’t need to repeat it. To be truthful, I’m guilty of it, it is just so prevalent in the business. Indoctrinated into you from a young age. Everyone picks on the sound recordist. I once said to a recordists I know (Antonio Arroyo […]

Modern Apocalypse – The Revolution is Post

So here is the thing, about the modern media world. None of it would have changed, if not for Post. Think about it. The first wave of the “Prosumer” mini DV cameras didn’t show up until well after post production became readily available to any one with a computer and a capture card. In ’96/’97 […]

Moving on – how to let go.

I’m moving out of the apartment I’ve inhabited for the past 21 years. When I got married, my wife moved from the closet she was renting in Manhattan, and we’ve lived here in wedded bliss for the past 8 or so years. However, now with two kids, and living far away from where they go […]

Don't "Effin" touch me I'm a cameraman

Anyone remember the T.V. show “Max Headroom” – (Matt Frewer – Anyone, anyone.) The pilot episode featured a scene with a camera operator following a riot (or something who can remember), and while he was broadcasting, he was untouchable. Then his operator back at the studio, turned off his camera – the little red light […]

It is better to miss by a mile than an inch.

    Please note: I have recently been contacted by Wayne at Manfrotto to discuss the tripod head of the post below. As far as Tripods go, there is the Vitec Group. The Vitec group owns lots of companies, among them the big names in Tripods. O’Connor, Sachtler, and Manfrotto (Bogen). I’d love to have […]

Evolution = Life or Death?????????

I’ve been doing a bunch of corporate stuff – for Sterling Worldwide Entertainment, for other companies some  event coverage – for example I just shot the Pole Dancing Federation championships (it is a hell of a lot different than you might expect.)  and doc shooting of late – With Gayle Kirschenbaum –  also Karen […]

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