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I've never seen one standing

So you probably know the first part of that joke, and I don’t need to repeat it. To be truthful, I’m guilty of it, it is just so prevalent in the business. Indoctrinated into you from a young age. Everyone picks on the sound recordist. I once said to a recordists I know (Antonio Arroyo […]

Shoot or Die

I have been a dreamer most of my life. The adventures I’ve dreamed, the drama, the battles fought between good and evil, fueled by books, comic books and movies, all at the expense of my homework. Remember Star Wars, I was eleven in 1977, life was simpler then. My sisters and I went to see […]

Of Character and Depth, part 1

I watch an amazing amount of “Kids” movies of late. Friday night is movie night for me and my kids. We did the three Star Wars movies (the good ones), My daughter Sadie kept replaying the kiss from The Empire Strikes Back, Abigail has no interest there, so for her, it is Secret of the […]

Slayin it down at Willifest

I’m a Willifest this weekend. Watching the films, hitting the panels, – got to run, Picking up an award (or more I hope) on Sunday. Who have I met you say? There is Polina Grinberg – an animation film maker from Virginia (wait, I know, not from Virginia – just living there), had a great […]

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