Chewing on my finger nails

Just a super quick update.

Resurrection of Blake House, has made it to the semifinals of the Tulsa International Film Festival. This was formally the Oklahoma Horror Film Festival, but this year it has reincarnated itself as a festival catering to more than just Horror.

What does this mean, well out of however many scripts that were submitted, Blake house is one of the top 25, and competing against scripts that are of other Genres. Now only one more week to wait to see if Blake house is a finalist. Then next to announce is the New Orleans Horror Film Festival, and then all the others start announcing in September. So many festivals, so little cash for the submission fees.

It feels good, and is fun, if now not a bit nerve wracking. The biggest issue this month is to balance potential work and picking up my kids from School. I could commit to just writing, and then I’m there for them every day – you cannot believe how much a “Babysitter” costs to pick up the kids.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment.

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