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SO Tulsa announces, but Hellion doesn’t make it in. Well these things happen. Now I’ve got to wait a week to find out if Resurrection of Blake House makes it in. The waiting continues, and more hair falls out. Went to a networking event last night, these things – really of little value I think.

I think I’d do better standing on a street corner, walking up to cars and asking if they need a Cinematographer. “Hi honey, you want to make a movie?”

It seems like the industry has just devolved into you buying equipment so that you can get underpaid by someone to shoot their film. You aren’t actually hired for talent, but instead for what your package looks like. It is very discouraging.

However for meeting other filmmakers – I met a few, one named Jack Feldstein Neat, neat, neat. go check him out. Now back to blogging.

Barcelona – many years ago. Every two years I would travel to Europe – You see I had an Aaton LTR Super 16 camera, and every two years whether you used it or not you have to have your Aaton serviced – it has to do with the kind of bearings that the Aaton uses – So I would go to my friend Alan Giles of Camera Engineering, and for more of that story check out “twas the night before Fright Night.”


So while my Aaton is being serviced, I’m off to Europe. One trip through France, and Spain, and I got to spend some time in Barcelona. Very interesting. I wanted to go into the Salvador Dali Museum, but sadly it was closed while I was there. There was the Picasso museum right across the alleyway. No Picasso, is not my favorite artist. I much prefer the organic and wild nature or Dali’s work over the cubist, regulated, odd angular Picasso. The Guernica – sheesh, what the HELL is that? Well that was then anyway, I now have a masters degree and I understand how to view the The Guernica – Must appreciate the The Guernica, Must appreciate the The Guernica, Must Appreciate the The Guernica – But back then. Well, so I’m in Barcelona, and had a really nice breakfast with amazing hot chocolate – Nestle’s Hot Chocolate made with steamed milk, yeah I know, but the best hot chocolate I ever had – got to eat like a local, and damn if I’m not going to take advantage of going into the Picasso museum.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” That is a statement attributed to Picasso. But here is the thing. What I learned in that museum is something that isn’t stressed. I saw a tiny little sketch, on a wall in the museum. Picasso made sketches and studies, and practices. DaVincci painted over his sketches – not to hide them, but the sketches were the basis of his paintings.  Now perhaps there are artists who can just create from the ether, but I am not one of them (I wouldn’t exactly call myself and artist, but you get the idea.)

So here is what I can say – now that I’m an award winning screenwriter. If Picasso and Da Vinci could make sketches and studies, why not me. Draft and draft and draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time pen touches page (so to speak.) Just get it out there. Take a direction and go with it. and then go back later and look at it, study it, find what is good and throw away what doesn’t work. I found this, this is what works – for me.

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