Disaster Strikes, again and again.

These are the six stages of production, and for those of you embarking on the journey, here they are:

1. Wild Enthusiasm

2. Complete Chaos

3. Utter Despair

4. Search for the Guilty

5. Persecution of the Innocent

6. Promotion of the Incompetent

Live them, learn them, love them.

I thought tonight I would do something a little different, so some sites  and things you might find interesting. All filmmaking related in some way or another. Artistic, technical, business, lots to get from checking them out.

Living in my Oblivion – It just does  not disappoint. The Blog of JB Bruno

Digital Bolex, What are you out of your mind? I don’t know, I kind of like these guys, They seem to have a clue, as well as some passion. Have a clue, screw that, they’ve certainly got a better handle on digital than most people I know. This one, it might just be something to watch.

Early Color Test – Early like 1922 –
– Ask me what I want from a digital camera today, here is a color palette I would love to shoot with. G-d above, skin like marble, I love it.

Here is a page of links you might find useful, and yes it is from my site, Gladstone Films, but this why the page is there, go, read, check the links, use the forms, have some fun.

Peter John Ross – very cool filmmaker site.

Red Letter Media .com – It’s kind of like Film school in a box – unless you are a fan of the star wars prequels.


Short Post tonight, but soon some big news about my next project(s)


Thanks for reading, check out the links, you won’t be disappointed, share comment and subscribe.

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