Drama – Anti-Drama

Action is the dissolution of drama/tension – and if you don’t believe me look at a baseball game. A long fly ball that takes a while to get out of the park, that is dramatic, boring, but since there is time for the home-run to happen and have people unsure if it will get out it is dramatic. An inside the park home-run however, is not dramatic, but it is exciting, there is no time for the drama to develop. The guy is running, the fielders are fielding, and throwing, runner crosses the plate. Of course if the ump, pauses to see if the catcher had the ball or not, the action has stopped and we wait as the consequences of the action sink in and – DRAMA – until the ump makes the call . OR, show this in a movie, lots of cuts, shots of the batter running, the ball in flight, the fielder getting the ball, add some slow mo of the batter running, the catcher getting ready to field the throw, make the event last a minute instead of the 15 seconds or so it really takes, and you have drama.




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