Fright Night Film Fest Update – Day #1

Hey, so to deal with some Errata first.
First I flew in to Atlanta on the way down, and the fight was delayed. I saw many U.S. military personnel traveling. I kept wanting to walk up to one of them to thank them. On the plane to Louisville the flight crew asked us to show how we feel, and we all applauded.

I am tired, taking a break, my voice is horse already – Three hours in. Meeting a lot of filmmakers, and scheduling screenings to watch. Of course the room where Hellion is screening on Sunday has changed. So now all the cards I haven’t given out I have to change the room #. Uggghhh. Next time I listen to my wife and leave that blank until it is confirmed. Oh well, I’m not the only one this affects, and I’ve been filling in the other filmmakers who have the same problem.

Something I noticed, I’m not a FAN, I find it all interesting and I enjoy meeting people, but I don’t really want anyone’s autograph. I see Johnny Fairplay – he of survivor fame. I ask if I can take a picture with him, he says sure, but I have to buy one of his. Right, that’s it, need to make money. No big deal, his persona is to be a “dick” as he says, so I can walk away. Then I see Margot Kidder – Come on Margot Kidder – she starts to laugh because I caught her trying to sneak in a bite of lunch. You know, I’d rather just talk than get an autograph. The only autograph that really meant anything to me was of Robert Mitchum – when I got him to write to my mom. I chat with Margot Kidder for a few minutes – You know, Lois Lane from Superman in the 1970’s. I ask her about a pic from “Black Christmas”, sadly she does not have one. How do you tell this person that you will never forget her line in that movie, when she is reporting a missing friend to the police and tells them the new exchange for the phone is “Felatio” “FEL.” Hysterical. Especially later in the film when the police are trying to call the sorority house and the chief asks the officer for the number and he says “Fel – ####, it’s a new exchange Felatio” Then all the other cops laugh and he yells and leaves “Oh, I bet it is something sexual isn’t it.” Really memorable. Now I feel bad because I’m not going to spend money to buy an autograph. I suppose they are used to it. But I would feel just horrible asking them how much and then saying, oh no that is too much. See the blog post Insipid. So instead I just gently smile and suggest I’ll come back. G-d it is just like in “The Wrestler.”

Well on to more fun stuff. I’m meeting a bunch of filmmakers, being very certain to make good contact. Some of the people I’ve met, and the films I’m going to try to make.
So I’m a little pissed – Two guys who I met, and had a good conversation, Chris and Dave – but can’t find their promo material. Wait no I found it, see conversations are more important than just handing out paper. Chris St. Croix and David Buchert who are working on an anthology series (the trailers looked great) Called “Night Terrors”. Also hung out with Steve (with a “V” yeah, can’t stand the damn “Ph” posers) and P.J. of Big Biting Pig Productions. Very fun, their new film is Creepy Doll, and as it turned out someone had brought by a very realistic baby doll (okay it was scary because the doll is of a NON living doll.) Yes I’m blowing it a kiss – it is a horror festival after all. Loved meeting Lola-rocks clothing – dig that back pack I almost bought, though I’m thinking about getting that pack of “Yellow Submarine” playing cards. Bought some interesting art for my daughters from Alpha Sketch – Pictures made with the letters of the alphabet – Sponge Bob, Dora, Green Lantern and Hello Kitty – Yes at a horror festival. Pretty neat – Nice people. They did have some scary images using the same technique. I think my kids will like searching for the letters. Ran into “Fluff” Llewellyn (pronounced Thlough-ellen and shame on you if you don’t know how to pronounce Welsh.) of Skinny Cow Productions. She turned me onto the film “Can’t stop the Rock” A documentary on a filmmaker. I don’t want to forget Maniac Films, even thought they are from Philly, and their film Deadly Detour.
I’m off now, to get some grub, and catch some films. Maybe scope out a party or two. More tomorrow

Hope you enjoyed, feel free to comment.

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