Fright Night Film Fest – Update Day #2

Got to pace yourself, so a little break in the middle of the day. Busy morning, busier evening. I missed the screening of “The Feed”, which is too bad. I found out about after I got to the screening room for “Can’t Stop the Rock” (See last post for a link.) Which wasn’t bad. A simple two camera interview it kept moving, interesting subject, a indie filmmaker, not making the traditional narrative film. Now back to “The Feed”, I chatted up two of the talent – the filmmakers were out checking the festival. Good for the actors to man the table. Jody Horn and Seth Drick (yes D-R-I-C-K). Haunted movie theater in Pennsylvania, being probed by Supernatural hunters. Got to find a way to see this.

I also met with a few Horror show hosts – The Cute and Sexy (and possibly dead) Midnite Mausoleum hosts Robyn Graves and Marlena Midnite – can’t wait to check out their show. Also met “Fenriz Fatal”, and his crew Paula the “BTC” (Behind the camera) and a person who referred to herself only as “Go-Fer” of “The Horror Dungeon.” Like many horror hosts they watch and comment on old (and perhaps Shlocky) films. Apparently The Horror Dungeon uses their proceeds for charitable works, which is pretty neat. Had a nice talk with Fenriz about Theater of Blood, and a few other classics. Always fun.

Turned into a big room with more movie stars signing autographs. Big line for Henry Winkler (Only John Carpenter on the other side of the building had a bigger line), “The Fonz” had a person helping him. I saw Robert Carradine happily take a photo with someone, didn’t see money change hands. Edward Furlong, Edward Furlong was there. Terminator 2, and American History X if I recall. Guess he’s here for the fans, can’t imagine he needs the money. Walking through the room, I wonder about it. Why are they here, the actors? Probably very much for the same reason I am. Self promotion, support of their career. Hey they can make money from it, that is cool. Yes I’m here to support my career, hey if I’m not here to support my film and scripts, then who will? You wonder, why it, but you commit, this is what it is to work in the business. It is all about self promotion and networking.

Walking out I sat down with Brian of, and we spoke a little bit about Kubrick and the state of Movie making today. Neat little conversation, threw some plugs for my screenplay in, but I doubt they will make the podcast. Stay tuned, I’ll let you know when it “airs.”

A little bit later I spoke with podcaster John Klement and his field producer Nathan (it turns out I was able to get Nathan a raise – or at least a new title.) They of Dragon Talk Radio. Very cool to talk, we are going to arrange a podcast in a bit, stay tuned for the info, but check them out now anyway.

Strolling along the row of filmmakers, I hit it off with Courtney Burke (Producer) and John Bowman (Director) of Rock Creek Pics – they are [romoting their first film “Massacre” while prepping their second feature “Wraith.” Good luck guys. Next to them was the marketing brilliance of Faced Productions – Sean Haitz and Chris Potter – with The Mangrove Slasher 2. There is NO Mangrove Slasher part 1. Brilliant. A 47 minute film on $600, with nude women to boot (well topless it seems.) Oh the opportunities for marketing, and hey if they made a sequel, the first one must have been good. These guys are young too, damn them. 🙂

Okay, my rest time is up, had some lunch, and now getting ready for the long night of screenings and parties ahead. I’ve got “Point Pleasant at 9:15 am, and then I’ll try to squeeze in Witch Hunt before I have to check out at 2 pm. I’ll try to catch up tomorrow, but after I check out, I’ve got my screening at 5pm, and then the awards ceremony at 7. So storing my stuff behind the hotel desk until about 2am or so, It’s going to be a busy day, and parties tonight.

Thanks for reading, wish me luck with the awards, feel free to comment, thanks.


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