Moving on – how to let go.

I’m moving out of the apartment I’ve inhabited for the past 21 years. When I got married, my wife moved from the closet she was renting in Manhattan, and we’ve lived here in wedded bliss for the past 8 or so years. However, now with two kids, and living far away from where they go to school, we are going to move. That’s fine as we are outgrowing the space anyway. Three women, and only one and a half bathrooms. No, No, No, this will never do. I am however left with the following dilemma: What the hell do I do with all the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years?

It isn’t as bad as it’s been, I used to have an Elemack Spyder dolly in my spare room (now the daughter’s bedroom), but that’s gone now for a long time. I would actually love to have a ColorTran mini-crab dolly – that was a piece of beauty, and I’ve long coveted one. Now I’m left with lots of stuff in the apartment/basement. I’ve the gear I use most of the time, light kit, camera. tripod, dolly and track (PVC), but the rest? Well, a whole bunch of cases, ten or so sound blankets, tons of old serviceable “nook” lights (needs a little work.) Lots of bits and pieces. I’ve a Redlake Hycam – no the linked video isn’t mine, please note around the 1 minute 5 second mark the bright red widget – that’s actually a Ground Glass as the camera isn’t reflex. You would put that into the viewing/film path, focus on that, remove it from the film path, and put in the proper aperture plate. I’ve a few split daylight spools – just put the core on, no spooling to a daylight spool. I’d love to donate to someone, who would have a use for it. Up to 11,000 frames per second (and I have actually used it on a shoot), I got mine at a military auction for about $106 bucks. Sadly the Museum of the Moving Image doesn’t want it – they already have some kind of high speed camera. So anyone want it, just shoot me an e-mail.

I suppose the hardest part will be all my OCN – Original Camera Negative – and work prints. What do I do with that? It’s doubtful I’ll ever need it, and I could chuck it – well except for a few rolls. Some of it is Black and White, so the silver could be recovered I suppose. But all this other negative? I’d hate for it to clog up a landfill. The bigger problem though is this. I don’t use or even think of it all that much, but… I still have it. I don’t even think I’ll miss it when it is gone, but while I still have it, I hate the thought of getting rid of it. I could transfer it all to HD, but – well. Then I’m trapped into backing it up to two or three drives, and migrating it every five years or so. I’ve got all this frozen film stored at my mom’s house – awaiting me getting a bit of cash to develop and transfer. I already did all my old Kodachrome getting it in before Dwayne’s stopped processing. Kodak discontinued Kodachrome HERE. Kodachrome – oh G-d how beautiful. Click HERE for some of the earliest Kodachrome film tests. I did a short once, Shades, in Kodachrome. It kicked my ass, but it is so beautiful, or at least it was, it just makes me babble. That actually used to be what separated the “men” from the “boys”, if you could shoot reversal well. Oh,  Kodachrome that lovely 14 stage development process turning Black and White into Color.  I’ll save the OCN (actually OCR – original camera reversal) of all the Kodachrome, but all those little exercises in school, that’s gone. I’ll keep the A and B rolls of “Enemy of the State” (no not the Will Smith, Gene Hackman film), all the Kodachrome, and not sure if I’ll keep anything else (the 35mm of my dad for sure.)

There is the wall of cameras, my collection of cameras that is. They’ll pack away nicely, but I have no idea of where they will eventually go. I’m willing to lose the projectors, and maybe the second Polavision camera, but not my Debrie Sept., any of my 9.5 mm cameras some spring wound, some hand cranked, or the QRS Camera (which doubles as a projector.) Mostly 16mm, I’ve got the EYEMO, which I received in lieu of pay on a job. As for the rest. Watch this space, because in a couple of weeks, most of it will go.

Thanks for reading.

Oh and a few neat links I’ve found that you might find interesting, and I’ll be adding to my links page soon.

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  1. Vintage pictures March 1, 2012 at 3:29 am #

    Is kodachrome film for digital cameras too? Or what kind of camera do you use with it?

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