NETWORK OR why does the opalescent squid DIE after mating?

My first festival, and I’ve thought this through.

If the short gets in, I’m only going if it is local, the screenplay gets in – got to go. GOT TO.


But you know this already – NETWORK    OR     DIE.

So as a bonus, both the short “Hellion” watch the Teaser Here and the screenplay “The Resurrection of Blake House” made it into the Fright Night Film Fest

Now let’s look at the cost. Because this is a business, if you think this is a hobby, or you approach it like a hobby, not so good for future work.

Hellion cost about $2,000 – that includes the workman’s comp insurance, feeding the cast and crew, paying the crew (well everyone but me) and post etc.

The Resurrection of Blake House – well not a lot of cost there, It’s a script, and I’m not writing much on the paper so no cost there- lets not note the cost of the computer or the software. Electricity is about 11 cents a Kw/hour – double that as I also get a delivery fee (actually about 1.5 times the “Power” costs. Let’s say $5 in electricity. Sorry I can’t evaluate Carbon Emissions for this, so I’ll throw another buck in.

So for the both of them we start with $2,000. Now to submit to and travel to Fright Night Film Fest add:
Submission – Hellion – $20 (pretty inexpensive actually)
Need 2 DVD – .50 cents
Postage – $4.95 plus $1.70 for delivery confirmation.

Submission Blake House – $30
One hard copy of the screenplay – $14.15 (that was a buck additional for printing on three hole punched paper, plus say .50 cents for the brass brads and washers.)
Shipping $4.95 plus $1.70 for delivery confirmation.

Total (so far) – 2078.45

Room – $69 (probably tax and other fees) per night (DON’T EAT ANYTHING FROM THE MINI BAR.) that’s for two nights make it $150 total.

Airfare – Well, used my miles, and only took about an hour on the phone to arrange it – No reimbursement for time spent -. So it was free – except there is a $35 dollar airport tax (or is it air tax???? Hey they will tax anything these days – wait next they’ll tax sex.) Oh, charge for baggage – not if I apply for a new credit card – no – yes. Sorry dear. Plus I get some bonus miles if I buy something, and I will just cancel the card next year, before I get charged the membership fee. Still for the next year I get my first bag and the first bag for others in my party for free (prvovided I fly delta) So it is worth the bother.

Only catch – Can’t get a flight out late Sunday night which means I’m now staying an extra night in the hotel – Add $75 more.

Did I mention Food, eating, maybe a beverage? Tips, and travel to and from the airport. Let’s say I eat at the parties, So only $200 for all that stuff.

Total – $2394.45

Cost for going only for the short film – $2342.10 (Not including the cost of the festival screening print and shipping.)

Cost for going for the Screenplay – $367.3


My conclusion on this is that SHORTS ARE TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE.

My next thought is thank goodness I had miles. That saved me $240 bucks (which is probably a poor use of my miles as $25,000 is worth $250 off the price of a ticket.) Do I get miles for trips I take that are paid for by miles???? I hope so.

So $361 for a weekend of networking and opportunities, with something I can sell. Or $2342 for a short, which I will never make my money back on. Makes you think. Short films are fun, but I’m pretty much done with making them, I hope so anyway.

More expenses to consider – Promotional materials – more biz cards, postcards, perhaps a foam hammer dripping blood with the title of the screenplay????????  I’m going to need to score a lot more work in the next few weeks.

My last thought – Maybe I don’t need the hotel room for three nights???? The last night I’ll just walk around Kentucky until I have to go to the airport, maybe I can just say awake for three days straight????  Just imagine the networking I’ll get done. Well at least it’s a business expense. 🙂


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  1. Boston July 2, 2011 at 11:15 am #

    Tocudhown! That’s a really cool way of putting it!


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