Of musical chairs and second disks. Fright Night Film Fest Day #3

So this is a quick update on day #3 here at the FRIGHT NIGHT, Film,  okay, I’m tired.

If you have a film that is playing at a festival. BRING A SECOND COPY. Not so easy if it a film print, but in this day and age of Display by Disk (just coined that and now copywritting the phrase), it makes NO sense not to. I went to see Point Pleasant this morning, and while we are waiting the tech walks in and asks if the Director is there and does he have a disk, because his doesn’t work. Man that is tragic, and the answer is No, he didn’t bring one. It doesn’t matter matter if they tell you or not there is a problem with your disk. I saw enough filmmakers bring over a sealed DVD they were selling and popped it in the player. I feel bad for this guy Greg Brock The film is “Point Pleasant” and he just handed it to me. His next film looks very funny – “Another Apocalyptic Zombie Movie”.

So, in the time that is now empty, I decide to check my Blu-Ray disks out in this player. BAD DISK, I’m freaking out, check the other one. Now these are only back ups, no one has warned me there was a problem, and really I’m here for the screenplay – or so that was the plan – but I’ve been getting a lot of buzz about the short, telling everyone about it, making good connections, so I’m hoping for a large turnout. Then the tech walks in and confirms that the player is only a DVD player not a Blu-ray. Oh and Hellion (along with shorts block 5) has been moved (yet again) and is now in this room. “Prithee tell me goode sir” I ask – does Hellion play properly or is there a problem. My mind is already racing trying to figure how to get a burnable DVD, and I think I can burn one on this here MAC (If the burner is still working on this 4/5 year old machine.) He says, Hellion is fine, it is not the one they had trouble with. He also tells me that it is part of the compilation disk (they burned them all onto one disk from the one we sent in.) Great. Well, we’ll see anyway.

Kicking myself for not bringing the DVD disks I had at home, and only the BLU-RAY. Arrrrggghhhhh.

Oh, and now I have to find all the people I talked to, and tell them shorts block 5 is moved to Citation and not in 1102 anymore when it was originally in 1184, Ahhhhhh the film festival perhaps a unique beast.

Catching up now, it is about 1pm, got to check out in an hour. Just came back from “Witch Hunt”, a nice little film, but the biggest thing that gets in the way on a lot of films is shooting in 30 fps (really 59.94), come on, shoot at 24 (23.976) and turn the damn detail down just a bit. 30 just isn’t a cinema format – see The Magic that happens between the frames -. It just stops me from getting into the film.

I wanted to mention a couple of Artists I found liking their work Todd Kennedy – Artist Bizarre – as he calls himself. Very striking style.
I also liked the work of Lydia Burris – some very unique vision there.

Another Charitable organization that was represented here – “Scares That Care” I even shelled out three bucks for a wrist band thing – which I never do. I met them last night, and searched them out this morning. Last night was a blast, talking with the filmmakers about their films. Long night, meeting people, and finding out who is going where. Totally nice – much better than getting drunk and ending up barefoot and singing in a public restroom. But late to bed and early to rise makes me a tired puppy. Got to prep the sign for the room change for Hellion – after I check out of this room.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned, and read back a few for all my festival blogging. Comments are more than welcome.

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  1. Johnie Hírlevél Küldés July 27, 2011 at 10:20 am #

    cool 😉

  2. Wallace, Jerome A. July 27, 2011 at 10:15 pm #

    Seriously, nice blogpost. Where is the RSS feed?

  3. Kristine July 28, 2011 at 10:44 pm #

    Man, lovely blogpost. Where is the website’s RSS feed?

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