SCORE in Brooklyn.

Look I love Brooklyn, don’t ask me why, I could tell you but would it be the truth? We love because we love, trying to figure it out does no good. I was in Africa on a documentary (doing sound yeeeesh) and when some of the locals asked the crew where we were from, everyone said NY, I said Brooklyn. They all laughed, and when I asked why are you laughing – “Because Brooklyn is Bad” they replied. Good enough. It isn’t like The Lords of Flatbush, well not anymore, well not everywhere.

The Williamsburg International Film Festival is coming up. Thursday Sept 20 through Sunday Sept 23.
Hellion Still    Hellion plays Friday night midnight,  and Blake House laurels  Resurrection of Blake House has won 3rd place for “outstanding achievement in screenwriting” – not bad for a horror screenplay at a non horror festival. Got to work on my thank you speech at the awards – nice knowing in advance, hope they call me up accept. Hey, maybe this will be the festival Hellion wins something.

Good news, I get to attend this one, so last year Fright Night in Kentucky – Blake House Won best screenplay – it was a surprise and WAY COOL. Then also Terror Fest. At least Williamsburg is in the same city this time, no travel. Although too far from my home to walk, so parking is going to be necessary. Not to worry, I don’t drink.

More Networking, more partying, more fun and more screening. Go Willifest 2012 – see you there. CAN’T wait.

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  1. michelle shyman October 9, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

    That’s very exciting about the win for Resurrection of Blake!

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