Slayin it down at Willifest

I’m a Willifest this weekend. Watching the films, hitting the panels, – got to run, Picking up an award (or more I hope) on Sunday.

Who have I met you say? There is Polina Grinberg – an animation film maker from Virginia (wait, I know, not from Virginia – just living there), had a great time critiquing the films with her. Caught some cool films – Hitting the CycleJ. Richey Nash – nice performance and direction too – and best of all, he knew when to end the film, instead of dragging it on to its death. Way to go. That said – I got to tell you the D.P. must have been IN LOVE with Courtney Henggeler – she was just stunning in EVERY shot (I didn’t see her at the festival though.) The interesting thing to come up in discussions with J. Richey is that asking about budget doesn’t really tell you everything – # of shooting days is a pretty good barometer of the budget and constraints the filmmaker is under.

Another fun one was Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship. The nice thing about festivals is that sometimes there are little gems that you just are NEVER going to hear about otherwise. Then you are caught between watching more screenings or meeting the filmmakers. Anyway:

Finally Hellion played in the midnight to 2 am block – The Midnight Treats. leading off was Handyman a music video from Australia (I believe) by Crazy Mama Music. Really cool and funny – just a bit raucous and/or raunchy. I enjoyed “Romance of the Dead”, which started off strong, but then got lost, and went too long, ending badly. Also playing was Kent Kitzman’s, Predator Prey – which won best screenplay at Terror Film Fest last year.Oh I forgot for a bit – Dave versus Death – really good – slick fun, and a nice twist, Kept you interested all the way through. Then at the end of a long day – at last Hellion – yay Hellion, really great response. Really great. Lots of fun. Laura Gilreath – showed for the screening. Great little question and answer session with the die hards in the audience who stayed til 3 in the morning. Got some really nice questions and compliments from Joe Friend and Aaron Mahoney who wrote Pudgeon – Pudgeon by the way has come in 2nd place at Willifest for Outstanding achievement in Screenwriting. Just barely beating out Resurrection of Blake House by a comma or two. Great Festival.

Got to run now, back to the fest.

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  1. michelle shyman October 9, 2012 at 10:18 pm #

    Holy shit, you’ve been busy!

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