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I've never seen one standing

So you probably know the first part of that joke, and I don’t need to repeat it. To be truthful, I’m guilty of it, it is just so prevalent in the business. Indoctrinated into you from a young age. Everyone picks on the sound recordist. I once said to a recordists I know (Antonio Arroyo […]

SCORE in Brooklyn.

Look I love Brooklyn, don’t ask me why, I could tell you but would it be the truth? We love because we love, trying to figure it out does no good. I was in Africa on a documentary (doing sound yeeeesh) and when some of the locals asked the crew where we were from, everyone […]

Modern Apocalypse – The Revolution is Post

So here is the thing, about the modern media world. None of it would have changed, if not for Post. Think about it. The first wave of the “Prosumer” mini DV cameras didn’t show up until well after post production became readily available to any one with a computer and a capture card. In ’96/’97 […]

'Twas the night before Terror Fest

So it is 12:57 pm, I leave for Philly in 11 hours, pretty ready. St. Louis has just comeback to tie the World Series. I’ve taken out out the trash, left a note for the morning about Sadie needing a funny hat for school, and got my to do list for the morning. So exciting. […]

A Racket of Festivals – the system to game

Fresh out of college I sent my film off to a bunch of festivals. Did not win. Did not get in.  Did not get notified that I didn’t get in. This was in the days of film prints, which cost a hundred bucks a pop  for a ten minute film (the answer print cost me […]

Quicker, Faster, Better? Or Lesser?

I was at a birthday party the other day, and got to talking about art, and media with Sarah Walker. We talked about the current state of the economy and the effect on individual shows, and also about Marshall McLuhan (one of my favorites.) Media, Media, Media. Over the course of the afternoon and amid […]

Digital – is the opposite of forever

I’m on a shoot, and during the day I run into some different cameramen also covering the event. We get to talking. One of them is a cameraman who has been working with Rueters for over a dozen years. We briefly discuss the cameras we are using, and then I ask him about archiving. It […]

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