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Look, your film sucks, so now what are you going to do about it.

Artist, craftsman, dad, whatever. You better learn to take criticism. It’s part of the job, comes with the territory, and if you can’t stand it, you just aren’t going to grow and improve. Take criticism, maybe hear and listen to criticism is a better phrase. Oh those frail and fragile egos, let’s instead just bellow […]

Slayin it down at Willifest

I’m a Willifest this weekend. Watching the films, hitting the panels, – got to run, Picking up an award (or more I hope) on Sunday. Who have I met you say? There is Polina Grinberg – an animation film maker from Virginia (wait, I know, not from Virginia – just living there), had a great […]

Education – it's a life long process – Don't make the same mistake over and over and over.

Some few things I’ve done, projects I’ve shot, worked on, or been interviewed about since the last blog post: Artist Study – Will Kurtz directed by Vincent Zambrano. A little greenscreen work – Ask Ed The Head Meeting/Education – NYC-Screenwriters_Collective I’m interviewed – Char Hardin Podcast Linked to a blog post – The Digital Debate […]

And then there was Halloween

Sunday after Terror Film Fest, I wait to hear from Char Hardin – my person in New Orleans to let me know what is happening. She’s local to Baton Rouge, and a podcaster who is covering the festival. I’m hopeful, but realistic, it’s a crap shoot. Last night at Terror Fest Blake House won second […]

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