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Take a little time to breathe.

There is an old phrase that it is often good to remember – “Relax, it’s only a movie.” It’s a useful phrase to keep handy, because sometimes during production you can get a little lost, start rushing around and start making mistakes. Mistakes happen, but when you start rushing, and getting caught up in the […]

Chewing on my finger nails

Just a super quick update. Resurrection of Blake House, has made it to the semifinals of the Tulsa International Film Festival. This was formally the Oklahoma Horror Film Festival, but this year it has reincarnated itself as a festival catering to more than just Horror. What does this mean, well out of however many scripts […]

You ARE Me.

Hi – here is the thing about the business. We don’t work in a vacuum. No matter what aspect you are working in. Low budge, big budget, indie, studio, commercials, docs, short films, webisodics, corporate, etc. Unless you are the client, you work for someone. This means you are the person you work for. It […]

Trooperism – a fatal disease.

I’ll start of by mentioning that I love it when I get a little note in the envelope with my paycheck. “Thanks Steve” is always so gratifying.   Trooper – it is a foul horrible four letter word. I would appreciate it if I was never called that again. Just recently while buying nuts at […]

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