The Kiss of Vindication – My first time.

I worked on a long, but very satisfying shoot over the weekend. Working with 55 productions, shooting an auto-race. Long Lens, follow cars, love the heat rippling off the track. Beautiful, first time shooting an auto-race for me, now I want to shoot more. It went really well, great producer, great crew, great client, sweet shoot. The only negative on the weekend was that my phone died, and I couldn’t check my e-mail while I was out of town. Not so bad.

Monday morning I’m back, catching up on my e-mails. I see two from someone I don’t know, and I’m about to delete them, when I just check on it anyway – hey maybe it will have a new way to receive Millions from a Nigerian bank account, while getting my masters degree in making the girls go wild while I’m trapped in a foreign country having been mugged – you never know.

So I click on it, and I’m glad I did. They were a pair of e-mails letting me know that both my short film Hellion watch the Teaser Here, and the Screenplay “The Resurrection of Blake House” have been accepted into competition at the Fright Night Film Fest.

Wa Hoo, I’m thrilled – but it is 6 am, and jumping up and down would wake the wife and kids, and that would be bad, very bad. This is exciting. The last time I submitted to a festival, well I wrote about that already A Racket of Festivals.

So it feels great, really nice. The thrill of it. Of course I haven’t won anything yet, and I think the script has a better chance than the short (and will do my career more good), but still it is great. They like me, they like me, well, at least they like my work – which is preferable. So enjoy the moment, plan for a trip to Kentucky, and now that I’ve experienced the rush, the only down side – waiting for the next one to announce.  Damn, it’s almost like dating a hundred girls before getting your first kiss.

Thanks for reading.

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