To tax or not to tax –

Been away for a bit, busy busy busy, busy is good, could be busier.

So I get a phone message from a client, something like this – “Hey, I’ve loaded in the footage from the shoot that I downloaded onto my computer, but there’s something wrong. When I import it, I get the footage from the last shoot, from a month ago, which is pretty strange, and I don’t know how that could happen unless we didn’t shoot anything, which I don’t know how that happened.”

Ahem – this is why when someone leaves me two messages I always listen to the second one first. Because the second message was “Never mind I found it, I had forgotten where I saved it.”

Love the digital age. I mean I’ve made similar mistakes, but I’m getting so many clients now calling me and I have to walk them through the post process. Uggghhhh. Now look, it USED to be much simpler. You shot film recorded audio, had the film processed, workprinted, audio transferred to mag, paid a PA 5 bucks an hour to sync it up, and editing commenced. Now perhaps that doesn’t seem so simple, but the process never changed, it was well defined and everyone knew it. Now, you have to load new codecs, use new import tecnhiques, update the edting software to support the new codecs (Codec – Compressor/De-Compressor – From the “old” days when you had analog video and had convert the analog video signals into digital signals.) It gets nutty, hard to keep up with. Worse for camera owners – it changes so fast now. Trying to recoup your investment. Lighting and grip, that’s a safer investment. You could go be bleeding edge and get L.E.D. lighting – expensive, but close to being really stable, or stick with fluorescent lighting which has been around for a while now, and is cheaper than L.E.D. and will have a long life span. Tungsten, well, tungsten has a beautiful color spectrum, but the heat and the power draw, with other options available. Sounds kind of like the argument for Video versus Film – Well no video isn’t nearly as good, but it is so much cheaper. Here’s my feeling – Video/electronic cinema really only came about because of Advances in the Post world. It’s also crippling the post world.

Back to details about the screenplay – Resurrection of Blake House And the winner is – well someone other than Blake House at least at the New Orleans Horror Film Fest. SAD yes, but it was in the top ten, I’ve spoken to a few writers who submitted and didn’t even get in to the finals, including one writer who’s script won at Terror Film Fest, but didn’t get into New Orleans – see And then there was Halloween.

So where does that leave us – a good run for Blake House, but now what? Well lets see.
Terror Film Fest has posted some publicity for us – which is nice. Here is an interview from Terror – Interview – note I’m better behind the camera. Here also is the acceptance speech by myself and Joe when we came in second place. Acceptance Speech, also here is Joe’s interview. I will post more when Baron Craze posts his photos and interviews from the festival.

So now to uncover the lead I buried. What’s next for Blake House – Well shoot a Trailer and raise the money and SHOOT THE FILM:

I considered going the Section 181 route, and consulted with Norman Berns (of Reelgrok) on this. Knowledge is power and the more you have the better your choices. There are advantages to 181 and the tax incentives used to help productions flourish. But forming an LLC and filling out the paperwork, and complying with all the requirements just in the hopes of one day finding an investor or two. WAIT WAIT WAIT. Yep I’ve done that a lot, sick of it. So no, the tax incentive route just won’t do. Schedule, budget, find the money, make the film.

Waiting on others, fitting their schedule, making plans over jobs that disappear. Enough of all that. Enough, enough. So now I will move it forward at my pace, and people will jump on, or not.

Or it’s a midlife crisis – so that isn’t too bad, I’ll live to 90 at least. I really do want to walk my daughters down the aisle, I’m just not sure I want to live through the dating years.

For more info on Resurrection of Blake House, check out the Cast and Crew web pages for the updates, a new cast member as Laura Gilreath comes on board and joins Maria Olsen, and now there is also a Producer and Production Manager. So check it OUT.

Nice, very nice. Thanks for reading.

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