'Twas the night before Fright Night Fest.

Yeah, here it is. Tomorrow I head off to the first festival I’m going to as a participant with the short film Hellion, and the screenplay The Resurrection of Blake House. It’s been a long journey, twists and turns, and a career of just misses and disappointment.
So tomorrow at 6:15 am, I leave for Kentucky, and go to a festival – Fright Night Film Fest. I’ve covered festivals before, but not been part of it. It is kind of interesting to be outside the festival looking in. Now I’m inside, sadly I don’t know anyone: My co-writer and friend Joe can’t make it – he’s locked in his basement working on another project, and my Friend Adam offered to drive with me, but I’m flying out there – thank you Delta frequent flyer miles that never expire. So I’m there without any of my support network.

I was going to video blog from the festival, but sadly my kids have stolen away my wife’s iPad, and my poor little iPhone 3G can’t edit. Perhaps I will do a little editing on the laptop at the end of the night.
So, loaded for bear – Almost all packed – waiting for some laundry. Got some gym shorts so I can jog in the hotel health club before the festival starts. Clothes a plenty, and my promo materials.
This morning my wife gave me a little pep talk. She’s heading down to spend the weekend with our kids out of town, so she saw me off this morning. Very supportive. She’s actually an expert at this – in a previous life she was a film journalist – back before Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan when there still was such a thing as film journalist. I’ve resisted putting the term “Nude Photos Paris Hilton” into this blogs tags – which would get probably get many hits – because I met Ms. Hilton at Sundance in 2005, and she let me take her picture for the segment I was working on, twice actually as the flash didn’t go off the first time – you know, I didn’t even know who she was until the producer told me, a Paparazzi I’m not.

So this morning my wife expressed to me that win or lose, I got in. Which is great and an accomplishment, and that I have to remember I’m really there to network, connect get people interested in working with me, and my other projects. I love her for that. I was so distracted this morning, thinking of all the things I had to do, when she wished me luck. I felt bad I wasn’t really there, but she forgave me. It really was just the pep talk I needed, and I did hear it.

Networking, it has been the weakest part of my career.
I so enjoy working on films, but I’ve never been all that social a creature. I don’t really drink all that much, or often. I hate getting drunk, I can get a little bit loud, and other things. So having to work the next day, drinking and me doesn’t really work.
Now to be truthful, Last time I did drink, and drink heavily, I was on vacation in Europe. I dropped my Aaton off with Alan Giles of Camera Engineering – one of the best Aaton service techs out there, and a great person. I remember having about 6 pints at the first place we went to – English pints which are way stronger than what we get in America – I remember wearing my socks no shoes – while using the bathroom, shooting pool with a RAF helicopter pilot instructor, and singing “Jerushaliem” with everyone in the place – after I bought them all a beer for being a loud American. See – this is why I don’t go drinking often.
Now I have wife and kids – so all excuses aside – it is a bit more difficult to stay out late, I kind of like putting my kids to bed – but shhh don’t tell them. It’s a big investment going to the festival – I turned down a days shooting because I was going to the festival. Not so easy to do with paying work, but I had already booked the trip, the screening schedule wasn’t out, so I couldn’t be sure when the short film would play and I didn’t want to miss it. Hopefully I can get the next shoot.
The point of this rambling. I’ve got business cards, and post cards for the short and the script, even a Blu-Ray of the short. I’m going there to be outgoing, and popular, and meet and make good lasting contacts. It does you no good to give someone a business card if you haven’t had a good conversation. So I’ve got hundreds of cards and I hope to give them all out. Meet a lot of great people, stay relatively sober, and even find time to blog.
See you on the Festival Floor.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment.

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