'Twas the night before Terror Fest

So it is 12:57 pm, I leave for Philly in 11 hours, pretty ready. St. Louis has just comeback to tie the World Series. I’ve taken out out the trash, left a note for the morning about Sadie needing a funny hat for school, and got my to do list for the morning.
So exciting. I’m writing this as a companion to a previous post ‘Twas the Night before Fright Fest, I don’t think I’ll blog as much from Terror Film Fest as I did from the Fright Night Film Fest.
Fright Night Film Fest was an all encompassing event, happenings pretty much from 9 am on. Terror Film Fest is pretty much evening only screenings, and I’m only going for one night, not the three I did at Fright Night Film Fest. Also most likely I will stay in Philly and not do the drive I mentioned in A bottle of wine and a lonely hotel room as the weather is not going to be good for outdoor activities.

Just found out Hellion didn’t win anything at Pollygrind. My wife tends to hate when I write non-sequitorially as I am want to do. There is a connection in there somewhere, and any way it gives me a chance to mention both Hellion and Pollygrind again.

Earlier in the week I had a small situation where accidentally I wasn’t credited correctly on a piece I worked on, Click this link to the fixed web-bit. The project is Marie’s Zero Gravity Bar and Grill staring Amber Benson. It took Production a while, technical details, but the producers got it fixed. Getting your name spelled correctly is a BIG BIG DEAL. Credits are a big deal. You can think of it this way, back when movies were shown in movie theaters, and projected on FILM ( I love and miss film, the feel, the smell, the tactile sensation, ahhhh) It takes about 10 seconds for a name to scroll through the credit roll. 35mm film is about $1 a foot (to buy, process etc.), and you get 16 frames per foot in 35mm. So ten seconds is 15 feet of film. So getting your name scrolling up the screen (or better yet on it’s own separate title card) ends up costing $15 per print. Do a thousand prints and your name on the screen cost $15,000.00. That’s a pretty penny, and why credits are contractual, and you can easily be left of if you are not careful. So it was a big deal that my name be spelled correctly (and it was fixed.) Besides I want to link to it on my REEL page, and how can I do that if my name is spelled wrong.

Steve Jobs died earlier this week, shocking, I only mention it, as I don’t want to be the only blog in the world not mentioning Steve Jobs.
I’m not very good at sarcasm when I’m tired.

I received “feedback” from two scripts I submitted to the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition. One was “Winter Money”, which is what I have dubbed an “indie chick flick.” The other other one of course Resurrection of Blake House. The feedback for both was very encouraging: Very high marks on characterization. In Winter Money the reader said that each character had a unique voice – which I was striving for – and in your face mysterious audience participant whom at a writers reading group meeting said all the characters sounded the same. Winter Money took 5 years, at least, to write. I had help from a friend Bob Reynolds who did a first draft, and he also co-directed The Cleaner with me. We sort of drifted apart after he gave me his version of the script to look at. I’m not sure if it had to do with my not liking the story he turned my idea into, or that I started dating the woman I would marry. His version was fine, actually well written, but I’ve seen that story 10 million times already. Anyway, I re-wrote it ( there are a few excellent scenes from Bob’s draft still in it), took a long time. Many late nights – which is okay as I was on child patrol so my wife could sleep – mother hood is a 24/7 job, so I try to give her a break when I can. I think I’m on Draft 13 of Winter Money – I seem to do a few un-numbered drafts first, so the number might be off.

Resurrection of Blake House took far fewer drafts – we (Joe and I) are on #7 and we (Joe Randazzo and myself) may try to kick out another draft and resubmit to Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition based on the feedback received. The problem however is this: Resurrection of Blake House has very well defined characters who are existing in their troubled life/drama before all the ghostly, supernatural stuff comes into play. So we are weaving together a horror film and a drama – this is very hard to do. Not only is it very hard to do, but it is not what people expect from haunted house films. You know mindless films are fine, but I love films you can sink your teeth into; The Shining, The Changeling (with George C. Scott), Rosemary’s Baby. Please note I am not comparing Resurrection of Blake House to these masterpieces, just that these are my influences, and The Changeling is the scariest film I have ever seen. I actually did a back flip from my seat to the row behind at one point in the movie because I was so tense. Still overall I’m happy with the feedback. Many people have read the script and liked it. Maria Olsen attached herself to it upon reading it, and Char Hardin has been very positive on it, and she was definitely honest and a bit harsh with her critique of Hellion – still it was a well balanced review (even if she did leave out mention of the one scene that makes everyone cringe with squemishness – I don’t think that is a proper English phrase.)

Well it’s 1:35 now, and I’ve got to wrap this up, and get to bed. So stay tuned, and wish me luck. Terror Fest this weekend for Hellion and Blake House, and New Orleans Horror Film Fest (I so wanted to go) on Sunday night for Blake House.

Thanks for reading.

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